District Announcements

  • 2017 PRIDE Survey Results were presented to the Board of Ed. and Community on Tuesday, Nov. 28th. The Power Point is attached, here...

    OCADA (Our Community Against Drug Abuse) Coalition will present outcomes and insights from our most recent PRIDE Survey results. 

    The PRIDE Survey was given county-wide to 8th and 11th grade students in the Spring of 2017.  Results and analysis provide important information to the school community regarding substance use, availability, perception of risk and trends among our youth.  To find out more about OCADA, please visit www.ocadacoalition.org


  • Thank you for your participation in our Community Forum Series. We invite you to continue the dialogue via Let's Talk!

    In Nyack Schools, we are interested in continuing a community-wide, collaborative conversation of what it takes to ensure that all students succeed and how to measure that success in our ever-changing, complex world.

    With Let's Talk! , we respond promptly and directly to your concerns, questions, suggestions and comments when you provide us with your contact information and the dialogue is continued.   If you choose, submissions can also be anonymous.  Please see the attached flyer with specific instructions for how to use Let's Talk!

    Whether you are a student, parent, staff or community member, we are listening and hope to hear from you!


Community Liaison

The Community Liaison has many diverse responsibilities within the school district which help to serve our community members. These responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with the registration of non-English-speaking students
  • Assisting staff in communicating with non-English-speaking families
  • Assisting non-English-speaking families with school/community concerns
  • Working with the CSE and CPSE chairpersons on all matters pertaining to Special Education for non-English-speaking families including translation of IEPs and CSE meetings
  •  Assisting non-English-speaking parents in contacting and visiting social service agencies, such as DSS and Health Clinics
  • Interpreting at Parent/Teacher Conferences and Superintendents Hearings
  •  Assisting parents in accessing services from social service agencies
  • Making home visits to families
  • Translating all important school documents
  • Counseling families and students about school policies, procedures, etc.
  • Participating in the planning of ESL parent workshops and field trips

To contact our Community Liaisons, please call Jocelyne Abraham  (845) 353-7044 or e-mail jabraham@nyackschools.com or Yesenia Polanco (845) 353-7042 or email ypolanco@nyackschools.com