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Emergency Closings

School Closings/Early Dismissal

The decision to cancel school is based upon the District’s regard for the safety of all students, walkers and those transported. The decision is made after a thorough check with local police, highway authorities, the weather forecast, and the District’s transportation office. In an unanticipated emergency, early school dismissal will be a measure of last resort and only if it is impossible to make other arrangements. Parents must have a plan of action to follow if schools must be closed early and no one is home.

The District will report closings/delays by 6 AM.  Families will receive a phone call and announcements will also be made via the following:

  • Radio: WCBS (880 AM); WFAS (1230 AM; 103.9 FM, 106.3 FM) WHUD (100.7 FM); WRGC (1300 AM)
  • Phone message: at the Schools & Administration building
  • Internet: www.nyackschools.org
  • TV: Channel 2, 4, 5, 7 & 12 (message appears across the screen bottom)

Snow Days
Three snow days are built into the school calendar year in case schools are closed for bad weather. If closings exceed three days, Friday, March 16 and Friday, April 13 and Thursday, April 12 will be used, in that order, as instructional days. If closings exceed five days or more before Feb. recess, Friday, February 24, will be used as a school day. Additional vacation time may be created at the end of May if snow days are not used.