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  The Nyack Teacher Center was founded on the following premises:

• the quality of teachers and teaching is paramount to the quality of education;
• professional growth is enhanced positively and constructively by an atmosphere in which the integrity of each teacher as an individual is valued;
• teachers wish to assume a larger responsibility for their own professional growth; and.
• a carefully developed staff development program can play a positive role in bringing about and maintaining excellence in teaching, and can maximize student learning.

The NTC is dedicated to responding to the professional and personal needs of its members. Understanding that adults have a wide range of individual needs, the Center offers resources and services across a broad spectrum, based on the expressed needs of staff. The Center also acts as a clearinghouse for disseminating information on educational research and pedagogy to staff members.

The NTC encourages and supports cooperative and collaborative efforts that enable teachers to assess their teaching role in relation to the changing society. It encourages tapping the rich supply of resources available in Rockland County to improve the quality of education for our students.

The NTC endeavors to encourage an atmosphere of intellectual excitement and to stimulate the staff to continuous learning by providing a place where growth and development can flourish in a non-judgmental atmosphere, through collegial interchange of ideas. Programs are designed to emphasize an active approach to learning, with special attention to maintaining an informal atmosphere and encouraging interaction among participants, in order to build self-confidence as well as knowledge.


  • New Staff Workshops

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  • New Staff Workshops

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  • New Staff Workshops

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  • New Staff Workshops

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  • New Staff Workshop *mandatory attendance

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  • Nyack Teacher Center Projects Program and Standards Assessment Project recipient announced

    The Nyack Teacher Center Projects Program offers awards ranging from $50-$433 to help staff members meet their own professional goals by developing unique projects which enhance student learning . The Standards and Assessments Projects: Supporting Best Practices offers awards ranging from $50 - $433, encouraging collaboration while addressing the Common Core Standards.  Awards support efforts in design  and implementation of innovative activities aimed at improving teaching and learning.

    For the 2017-18 year, the winning proposal was:

    The  AP Environmental Science classes participate in “A Day in the Life of the Hudson,” a program run by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation.  Students collect water quality data, and seine for aquatic organisms, subsequently identifying them.  Each Spring the students do a macro invertebrate study in the creek, pond study and clean up.   In addition, the Saturday STEM program carries out field work, to provide opportunities for ENL students to collect and organize data.  This enrichment program allows students to gain real world experience, which acquiring data processing skills. In order to complete the above-mentioned activities, the students require wading boots.  Their current boots were purchased in 1999 and are leaking

    The applicants requested to purchase 14 pairs of boots.  As of March, the boots were purchased and being put to use!  Congratulations!




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  • The 10th Annual Early Childhood Transitions Conference

    The 10th Annual Early Childhood Transitions Conference was held April 24, 2018 at the HNA Palisades Conference Center.  Our theme this year was, "Looking Back, Looking Forward" and was a true celebration of the work done over the past 10 years as well as a glimpse of the work to come. The special day was attended by Pre-school and kindergarten teachers from around Rockland county.  Special thanks to all those who collaborate with the Nyack Teacher Center to bring this annual conference to Rockland!

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  • Looking for CTLE hours?

    Nyack Teacher Center is excited to be collaborating with the Tarrytown Learning Center to offer a variety of workshops for both teachers and teaching assistants.  These workshops are brought to you by the Tarrytown Regional Office of NYSUT and NYSUT Education and Learning Trust in collaboration with the Lower Hudson Network of Teacher Centers  Visit the link below for more information on courses and workshops for teachers and SRP's:






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  • NTC Summer Course Brochure

    Nyack Teacher Center Approved Summer Course Offerings are Available!

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  • CTLE regulations







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  • NTC Professional Library

    We have a wealth of resources in our library, located in the Teacher Center offices at the Administration building, that are available to be borrowed.  Visit the link below.  Type in the specific book, author, or subject you would like and then if you find what you are looking for all you have to do is check the box and click "request to borrow."  We will make arrangements to either have the book delivered to you via interoffice mail or you can stop by the office to pick it up.    We always welcome suggestions on titles to add to our library so please feel free to reach out to us with requests.




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Nyack Teacher Center
13 A Dickinson Avenue, Nyack, NY 10960

Michelle O'Sullivan
Nyack Teacher Center

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Tracey A. Cummings
Assistant Director
Nyack Teacher Center
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Joanne DeGregory
Early Childhood Program Coordinator
Nyack Teacher Center
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845-216-1190 (cell) email: jdegregory@nyackschools.org

Hours of Operation:

 Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-3:00 pm

Please call for access to the center outside of these hours.

NTC email:    ntc@nyackschools.org


Nyack Professional Academy Course Proposal

If you are interested in teaching a course through the Nyack Professional Academy, please download the application and return it via email to mosullivan@nyackschools.org.


Nyack Academy Course Proposal.doc 

2018-19 Nyack Teacher Center Policy Board


Linda Diaz

Kathleen Kennedy

Reba Hekker *Chairperson

Brigid McKenna

Marissa Rivera

Monica Schwartz

Aida Sanabria *Treasurer

Ana Vazquez

Andrea Pickford

Barbara Anderson *Vice Chairperson

Adam Beirlein


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Michael Mark

Board of Education

Dr. JoAnn Looney

Higher Education

Didier Dumas

Business representative

Anney Fimmano Parent Representative
Dr. Winsome Gregory Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Nyack Public Schools


In light of the recent changes to licensing requirements, please be sure you keep paper copies of all  CTLE certificates you receive from workshops and courses you complete.   According to the state, teachers are teaching assistants are now responsible for maintaining their professional development hours log, including documentation.  For more information, please click the following link:  CTLE requirements2017.pdf 

Partnership with College of New Rochelle (CNR) for graduate degree at low cost!

Please find the TESOL program descriptions and course sequence via the links below. Thanks to a grant, those who enroll will pay less than $1,000 for the ENTIRE program.  This is a great opportunity open to all!  
TESOL Programs:
1. Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed.) in TESOL, 36 credits
2. Advanced Certificate in TESOL for General Education Teachers, 15-18 credits
3. Advanced Certificate in TESOL for Special Education Teachers, 15-18 credits
For more information, directly contact:

Daniel E. Potocki
Director of Partnerships
Corporate Development 
College of New Rochelle
e.  dpotocki@cnr.edu
c.  914.620.2247
o.  914.654.5803
f.   914.654.5936